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1.1 The title of the Association shall be the "Hornby Railway Collectors' Association" hereinafter referred to as the 'Association.


The objectives of the Association shall be: a) To stimulate interest among, to seek knowledge from, and exchange views between collectors and operators of Hornby Trains and their accessories both 0 gauge and Dublo, as manufactured by Meccano Ltd in their British and Overseas factories up to and including the year 1973 (b) To promote and hold either alone or jointly with other associations, clubs or persons, such meetings, exhibitions and other functions as the Executive Committee may decide.
(c) To increase the interest and knowledge of the Members and to encourage members to support the Association financially for the general well being of the Association.
(d) To publish and circulate a regular 'Journal' and other information of interest to Members.
(e) To encourage Members to produce and commission spare and replacement parts, and to undertake repairs and restorations.
(f) To support and organise any other activity which in the opinion of the Executive Committee is likely to further any or all of the above objectives.


3.1 Application for membership shall be open to all persons interested in these objectives of the Association and shall be made to the Membership Secretary. The Executive Committee may refuse acceptance of any application and is not obliged to give reasons for such refusal,
3.2 The three classes of membership of the Association shall be:-
(a) Ordinary Membership
(b) Family Membership, which shall be open to persons in the immediate family of an Ordinary member, not wishing to receive a separate copy of the Journal.
(c) Honorary Membership. The Executive Committee may nominate Honorary Members from within the membership, in recognition of services rendered to the Association, subject to ratification by the membership in General Meeting. Honorary membership will normally be for life,
3.3 Annual subscriptions for the first two classes of membership shall be decided at each AGM and will be payable by the last day of April in each year, Members desiring to terminate their membership shall give notice in writing to the Honorary Membership Secretary, but shall not be entitled to the return of any part of their subscription. Any member other than an Honorary member who has not paid his or her subscription by the last day of April shall be regarded as having resigned.
3.4 A copy of this Constitution is available to members on receipt by the Secretary of a stamped, self-addressed envelope.


4.1 The Executive Committee shall comprise of the Officers and five ordinary members.
4.2 The Officers of the Association shall be:
Membership Secretary
Historical Research Officer VAT Officer
4.3(1) Officers and other members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the membership in AGM., to serve until the following AGM.
4.3(2) The appointment of Honorary Vice Presidents of the HRCA is at the absolute discretion of the Executive Committee and is only to be awarded for signal services to the Association. Nominations for Honorary Vice President may be made by an individual member or group of Members or at the volition of the Executive Committee. It will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee as to whether any Honorary Vice President shall be co-opted on to the Executive Committee.
4.4 Officers and other members of the Executive Committee may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Secretary or to the Chairman. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to the Executive Committee to fill any vacancies caused by such resignation or by failure to elect a full Executive Committee at any AGM. Appointees will serve until the next AGM.
4.5 The Executive Committee shall meet from time to time to conduct the business of the Association and all proceedings shall be entered in the Minutes. Matters for discussion at any meeting shall be decided by a majority vote and when necessary the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.
4.6 A quorum for transaction of Executive Committee business shall be five.
Officers and Committee members will not normally receive remuneration for their services but may, in certain instances, be remunerated for work carried out for the Association. Any such remuneration shall be subject to the agreement of the other Members of the Committee who shall take into account the volume of work involved, the skills necessary, the importance of it to the Association and any other factors which they consider to be appropriate. Remuneration shall not be paid for attendance at Committee meetings.
Executive Committee members shall be entitled to receive reimbursement for the reasonable expenses they incur in respect of Association business.
4.8 The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with any matters not provided
for in this Constitution.


5.1 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Association and will keep such books of accounts as are necessary to give a true position of the Association's financial affairs.
5.2 A current account shall be maintained at such banks as the Executive Committee may from time to time decide. Cheques shall be signed by two authorised signatories. The authorised signatories shall be the President, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, VAT Officer and one or more Committee Members as the Committee may decide. Other deposit accounts may be maintained with banks, the Post Office or Building Societies as the Executive Committee may from time to time decide. Signatories in respect of withdrawals to be the same as those applicable to the operation of the current account. Goods or Services may only be ordered on behalf of the Association by elected members of the Executive Committee.
5.3 The Association's financial year shall run from the first day of May to the last day of April. The Treasurer will present an Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet for the year ending on that date to the Annual General Meeting. The accounts will be circulated to members as soon as possible.
5.4 In the event of the Association reserves at any time being insufficient to meet its liabilities, the Treasurer shall immediately advise the Chairman and Secretary. The Chairman shall then convene a meeting of the Executive Committee forthwith.
5.5. The Annual Accounts shall be prepared by Chartered or otherwise Qualified Accountants appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
5.6 Individual Members of the Association shall not be entitled to receive payments for services they may render the Association without prior approval of the Executive Committee and then subject to those conditions as in 4.7.


6.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held once in every year at such a time and place as may be determined by the Executive Committee within 15 months of the holding of the last preceding Annual General Meeting. All other general meetings shall be called Extra-Ordinary Meetings
6.2 The Executive Committee may whenever they think fit, and on requisition in writing by not less than 25 Members, convene an Extraordinary General Meeting.
6.3 An Annual General Meeting and any Extra-Ordinary General Meeting shall be called by giving a minimum of 21 days notice to all Members. Non-receipt of notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings at any General Meeting.
6.4 Business to be transacted at an Annual General Meeting shall be:-
(a) To approve the Minutes of the previous General Meeting
(b) To receive and approve the Annual report of the Executive Committee
(c) To receive and approve the Annual Statement of Account and Balance Sheet and appoint Reporting Accountants.
(d) To elect Officers and Members of the Executive Committee
(e) To decide the amount of the annual subscription for each class of membership
(f) In addition to routine business Members shall be entitled to raise any matter, provided seven days prior notice of such matter has been given to the Hon. Secretary
(g) To conduct other business at the Chairman's discretion
6.5 At any General Meeting a quorum shall be 50 Members. If within 30 minutes from the time appointed for the meeting a quorum is not present the meeting shall stand adjourned to such other time and place as the Executive Committee may decide. If at the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within 30 minutes from the time appointed for the meeting, the Members so present shall form a quorum.
6.6 The Chairman shall take the Chair at General Meetings. If the Chairman is absent the Vice-Chairman shall act as Chairman. The decision of the Chairman in matters of procedure shall be final.
6.7.1 At any General Meeting a motion put to the vote of the meeting shall normally be decided on a show of hands. Any resolution which may be put before the Members for consideration in a General Meeting may, if the Executive Committee on a majority of its Members so resolves, be put to Members in writing to be determined by a postal vote.
6.7.2 Where any resolution is required by this Constitution to be passed by a specific majority of Members in a General Meeting, such requirement shall be satisfied in the case of a postal ballot if the requisite majority of Members voting, vote in favour.
6.7.3 In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.


7.1 Members appointed by the Executive Committee to conduct trading activities on behalf of the Association shall maintain records of stocks and sales and be responsible for safe custody of such stock. Income accruing from sales shall be passed to the Treasurer at regular intervals.
7.2 At the close of each financial year members conducting trading activities on behalf of the Association shall provide the Treasurer with a statement of sales and certificate of stock in hand


8.1 All Members indicate by payment of the subscription that they agree to be bound by this Constitution
8.2 The Association cannot be liable for any debts incurred by members.


9.1 If at any General Meeting of the Association a resolution calling for the dissolution of the Association is passed by a two-thirds majority of the Members present, a Postal Vote shall be taken of all Members, and if the resolution is then approved by not less than two thirds of members voting the Executive Committee shall proceed to dissolve the Association.
9.2 On dissolution all assets will, where possible, be sold. Any surplus cash remaining after discharge of all liabilities together with any property, will be donated to one or more bodies having objectives of a similar nature to those of the Association. Such bodies to be determined by the Executive Committee in office at the time of the dissolution.


The Constitution of the Association shall not be altered or added to in any way except by the passing of a Special Resolution by at least two thirds majority of the members present at a General Meeting.

July 2004
Revised August 2017

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