H.R.C.A. Ltd's GDPR Policy

H.R.C.A. Ltd’s General Data Protection Regulation Policy 2018


H.R.C.A. Ltd's General Data Protection Regulation Policy is set our below.  In joining H.R.C.A. Ltd you agree to your name address telephone number(s) and e-mail address being recorded in our data register according to the regulations setout below.  You also agree to receive H.R.C.A. Ltd communications, including the Journal, via which ever method may be appropriate to your circumstances (by post, e-mail, the on-line-forum or any other electronic method) as instructed by H.R.C.A. Ltd's committee or directors.

Key terms:


Data controller

Anybody (person or organisation) who decides what personal data to collect and how to process it.

Data Subject

Any living person about whom you collect, hold or use personal information.

Data protection officer

The person in your organisation who makes sure you comply with the General Data Protection Act 2018

Data Processing

From the moment someone’s details are taken to the moment their file is finally shredded or deleted, data is being processed.

Personal Data

Any information about a living person could be personal data, from name and phone number to family history or financial details.


Members of H.R.C.A. Ltd committee (as listed in the Journal)


Key statements:


  • Duties of the ‘Data protection officer’ and ‘Data controller’ will be covered by the Membership Secretary who holds a permanent post within the H.R.C.A. Ltd committee.
  • Each member will supply, upon renewing membership, up-to-date details as follows: Name, Postal Address, Telephone Number, Email Address (if available). This information will be available to the Officers of the HRCA, and will be used for purposes of communicating H.R.C.A. Ltd publications, information and events to you, and for emergency contact only.
  • The information supplied by each member during membership renewal will be checked and added to the data register to be kept by the ‘Data controller’.
  • All data will be kept in both electronic form and paper copy.  The electronic version will be the master version.  Copies of the electronic version and paper version will be distributed to Officers as required and directed by the H.R.C.A. Ltd committee.

Officers of H.R.C.A. Ltd will comply with the following requirements:


  • Officers holding a copy of the list are reminded of their responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation. Use of the list is for H.R.C.A. Ltd purposes only.
  • Ex-officers must destroy all H.R.C.A. Ltd data lists; and current officers must destroy out-of- date lists.